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Look better? Feel better? Be better?

5MM is a no-nonsense, honest coaching regimen built for those who are utterly committed about transcending their physical and mental boundaries, taking absolute control of their mindset, and emerging as resilient individuals  in the face of adversity.


"From the Wall of Shame to the Wall of Fame, Amadeus has truly transformed my perspective on my health and my mentality. Working with him has been a game-changer for me, and I can confidently say that he has changed my life for the better. His dedication, expertise, and unwavering support have been crucial in helping me reach my fitness goals!"

- Robin L.

The 5MM System: The 3 Phases

Phase 1

Command and Conquer:
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Assert Your Willpower, Define Your Battlefield

Master Your Maintenance Calories: Grasp the reins of your body's energy needs. Knowledge is power.

• Initiate the Offensive: Begin your quest to transformation not with hope, but with precision. It's not just about less or more, it's about right.

Gear Up for  War: This is just the prep. The real battle? It's next.

Phase 2

Wage War:
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Burn, Build, Become.
Deploy Advanced Fat-Burning and Muscle-Building Tactics: You're unique. Your strategy should be too. No cookie-cutter plans here.

• Eat to Conquer: We don't do diets. We strategize nutrition. Foods you enjoy, tuned to burn fat like fuel and/or build the muscle you want.

Witness the Transformation: This isn't just change. It's a revolution in your body. You'll see it, feel it, live it.

Phase 3

Maintain Dominance:
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Your Victory, Permanent and Unyielding.

• Forge an Ironclad Maintenance Regime: We're building a fortress of a regime, impenetrable and sustainable.

• Celebrate the Victory: Your transformation isn’t temporary. You've not just won the battle; you've conquered the war.

• Live Like a Champion: Your life, your rules. Enjoy it to the fullest, with the body and health you've forged. 

Forge a resilient, disciplined mind

Build a strong, capable physique

A coach to keep you laser focused

Fuel your vessel optimally

Ready To Transform?

Are you tired of not looking the way you want, not feeling the way you want, and not living the way you desire?

Do you crave change, transformation, betterment, and a higher quality of life?​

If you answered "yes", you are prepared to embark on your journey of physical transformation and mental growth.

​But what's the plan? How will you achieve these goals? Who's on your team?

Let me guide you. I'll show you the way.

Sébastien B.
With Amadeus, I found a coach who is truly committed to helping me achieve my goals, providing me with all the necessary tools to succeed. He is skilled, passionate, attentive, empathetic, and deeply human. With him, I've achieved results I thought were impossible. I discovered not only an excellent coach but also a wonderful human being.
Gilbert L.
I had the opportunity to meet several coaches throughout my journey. From the first session with Amadeus, I quickly noticed a significant difference in approach. Amadeus focuses on the form and quality of movements. He does not hesitate to push to full potential, while remaining fully attentive to his clients.
Nicolas A.
If you're aiming for a goal, he'll take you twice as high; you'll discover a strength and level of physical fitness that you never imagined. He taught me what to do and what not to do, and if I had difficulties with certain movements, he always found two or three alternatives to ensure that I don't get injured and that I can successfully complete the program.
Frédéric J.
Amadeus builds a coaching relationship where you feel confident to take on new challenges. With his support, I achieved my goal of running a marathon by following the detailed training plans he had developed. His approach is personalized and caring, and honestly, without his guidance, I would never have made the progress I did over the past year, both physically and mentally.
Brandon W.
Amadeus is an exceptional coach who effortlessly combines expertise with authentic passion. His personalized and motivating approach has not just transformed my fitness journey; it has also pushed the boundaries of what I perceived as my own limits. He creates an environment that propels me towards the achievement of my goals.
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