5 More Mentality is not about those clean, pretty exercises you see influencers doing for likes and claps. This is the real deal. It's about pushing when your mind is screaming to stop, when everything in you wants to crumble. This is where you forge your will from iron and steel. It's not just pushing boundaries; it's obliterating them to create a version of yourself that's unstoppable.

The strategy? It's real and raw, no sugar-coating. We start with 'Command & Conquer'. You're going to master your caloric intake, lay down the law from day one. Then, we shift gears to 'Wage War'. This is where the real battle begins. Tailored fat loss and muscle gain strategies, nutrition plans that cut the crap and get down to business. And the final phase? 'Maintain Dominance'. It's about locking in your victories, making sure your transformation isn't just a one-time show. This is where you maintain your reign at the top, where you keep the edge, always.

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The problem we solve

The fitness and self-improvement industry is saturated with generic, soft approaches that fail to recognize the gritty, personal battle each individual faces. True transformation demands more than mainstream, sugar-coated quick fixes; it requires a raw, tailored strategy that’s as unique as the person’s own fingerprint.

The Mission

To shatter the one-size-fits-all fitness mold, providing personalized, disciplined coaching that ignites true transformation. We stand as your relentless ally, guiding you to conquer your unique fitness battles and unlock your full potential.

The Core Values


Discipline isn't just a value, it's the supreme law – it's about ruling over your temptations with an iron will, commanding your actions with the precision of a general, and leading yourself to victory like a true champion, because discipline is the ultimate weapon in the arsenal of greatness.


Accountability is your battle standard – it's about owning every decision, facing the consequences like a warrior, and holding yourself to the highest standard, because that's what champions do.


Consistency is your weapon of victory – it's about staying on your path like a warrior, and building an unbeatable routine that leads to ultimate success.


Resilience is your armor – it's about facing down every challenge with a warrior's spirit, bouncing back stronger from setbacks, and forging an unbreakable will.


Perseverance isn't just encouraged, it's demanded – it's about dominating challenges, relentlessly pushing past limits, and relentlessly pursuing your peak physical and mental state, just like a champion.

The Empowering Promise

It's not just about getting stronger, fitter, or healthier. It's about reclaiming your confidence, optimizing both your body and mind, and stepping into your fullest potential. You've tried everything; now, it's time to experience transformation like never before.


ME - From Why to How

On May 22, 2022, I stared down my demons—once a professional soccer player and a ruthless businessman, now just a man in the throes of laziness, procrastination, and inertia. The move to a new city with my wife was meant to be a power play, but I was benched, failing to be the champion she deserved, the leader my legacy demanded.

That day, I stood at the crossroads of destiny: to either battle through the pain of transformation or suffer the agony of regret. The choice was clear. With the legacy of my  Polish immigrant parents fuelling  my resolve, I chose to fight back, to embody the warrior they instilled in me, and to reclaim the throne of my life. 

This was more than a comeback; it was the birth of a movement—'5 More Mentality'. Born from a brutal reality check during a gym session with my mentor Nicholas, it's a war cry for the relentless pursuit of greatness, a philosophy that commands you to push past your limits. It’s about forging a mind of steel, a body ready for war, and a life that commands respect.

My mission became crystal: to mold winners, to leave an indelible mark, to build an empire of warriors. This is the creed I live by, the torch I carry—to ignite the fire in the hearts of those destined for glory, ensuring my legacy is an army of the unbreakable, a legion of titans. 

If you are sick and tired of feeling, looking, and living average, and are fully ready to invest into YOUR LIFE, I’ll show you the way.


Sébastien B.
With Amadeus, I found a coach who is truly committed to helping me achieve my goals, providing me with all the necessary tools to succeed. He is skilled, passionate, attentive, empathetic, and deeply human. With him, I've achieved results I thought were impossible. I discovered not only an excellent coach but also a wonderful human being.
Gilbert L.
I had the opportunity to meet several coaches throughout my journey. From the first session with Amadeus, I quickly noticed a significant difference in approach. Amadeus focuses on the form and quality of movements. He does not hesitate to push to full potential, while remaining fully attentive to his clients.
Nicolas A.
If you're aiming for a goal, he'll take you twice as high; you'll discover a strength and level of physical fitness that you never imagined. He taught me what to do and what not to do, and if I had difficulties with certain movements, he always found two or three alternatives to ensure that I don't get injured and that I can successfully complete the program.
Frédéric J.
Amadeus builds a coaching relationship where you feel confident to take on new challenges. With his support, I achieved my goal of running a marathon by following the detailed training plans he had developed. His approach is personalized and caring, and honestly, without his guidance, I would never have made the progress I did over the past year, both physically and mentally.
Brandon W.
Amadeus is an exceptional coach who effortlessly combines expertise with authentic passion. His personalized and motivating approach has not just transformed my fitness journey; it has also pushed the boundaries of what I perceived as my own limits. He creates an environment that propels me towards the achievement of my goals.