Our programs are meticulously designed to help you achieve your objectives while simultaneously fitting with your daily routine.

Whether it's gaining muscle, shredding fat, or going all the way and stepping on stage, we are here to guide you.

Ready to turbocharge your results and dominate your goals? Let's accelerate your journey.

Own your transformation, one decision at a time.


If you're ready to redefine your body and shed unwanted weight, our coaching program speaks directly to you. We understand the personal struggle and dedication required to achieve significant fat loss. With a bespoke approach to training, nutrition, and mindset, we're not just about the physical transformation; we're about empowering you to conquer your challenges and emerge victorious. Together, we'll chart a course towards a leaner, stronger you, equipped with the tools for lasting change.


For those aspiring to build muscle, our program is a game-changer. We dive deep into your unique physiological makeup, crafting a tailored approach that combines innovative training techniques, precision nutrition, and a mindset geared for growth. This isn't just about adding mass; it's about sculpting a powerful, functional physique that reflects your hard work and dedication.


Designed for those aiming to sculpt an exceptional physique, refine their stage presence, and dominate competitions. We provide a rigorous, customized approach to training, nutrition, and mindset, preparing you not just physically, but mentally for the demands of competition. Embrace the discipline, dedication, and determination needed to stand out and triumph in the world of bodybuilding. Whether you are a new to the competing or have done multiple shows, your competition journey starts here.


Amadeus, a thousand thanks for your proactivity and support. From our very first meeting, you attentively listened to my needs and made me feel at ease. You helped me define my goals more clearly and better understand my motivations. You are thorough in your follow-ups and display kindness in your coaching style. The program you designed is easy to follow, and the results are evident: significant weight loss, increased muscle mass, and a surge in energy levels. Thanks, coach!


When I began, I weighed approximately 240lbs. Having never trained in a gym before, it was a completely new experience for me. This journey helped me discover the best version of myself, teaching me that I'm capable of far exceeding my own self-limiting beliefs. Amadeus’ experienced approach and attentiveness to my individual needs played a key role in my transformation. Now, I've managed to get down to 153lbs, thanks to the effective training programs, nutritional plans, and ongoing support provided. Most importantly, I realized the value of patience in this process, understanding that results take time, and the importance of maintaining discipline. 


Now, you must make a decision – the decision to take action or to procrastinate.

I respect your time, and I ask you to respect mine.

I work exclusively with a select few individuals who are fully dedicated to transforming their lives.

You have goals; I have a reputation.

If you are the right individual, results are inevitable.

The choice is yours.

If you are ready, LET'S LEVEL UP.

Sébastien B.
With Amadeus, I found a coach who is truly committed to helping me achieve my goals, providing me with all the necessary tools to succeed. He is skilled, passionate, attentive, empathetic, and deeply human. With him, I've achieved results I thought were impossible. I discovered not only an excellent coach but also a wonderful human being.
Gilbert L.
I had the opportunity to meet several coaches throughout my journey. From the first session with Amadeus, I quickly noticed a significant difference in approach. Amadeus focuses on the form and quality of movements. He does not hesitate to push to full potential, while remaining fully attentive to his clients.
Nicolas A.
If you're aiming for a goal, he'll take you twice as high; you'll discover a strength and level of physical fitness that you never imagined. He taught me what to do and what not to do, and if I had difficulties with certain movements, he always found two or three alternatives to ensure that I don't get injured and that I can successfully complete the program.
Frédéric J.
Amadeus builds a coaching relationship where you feel confident to take on new challenges. With his support, I achieved my goal of running a marathon by following the detailed training plans he had developed. His approach is personalized and caring, and honestly, without his guidance, I would never have made the progress I did over the past year, both physically and mentally.
Brandon W.
Amadeus is an exceptional coach who effortlessly combines expertise with authentic passion. His personalized and motivating approach has not just transformed my fitness journey; it has also pushed the boundaries of what I perceived as my own limits. He creates an environment that propels me towards the achievement of my goals.
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